The County has two Assessors and a Water Advisor.


Shelley Wright and Roger Gardner.


Shelley is also the County Water Advisor.


If you wish to be assessed please contact either of the above. You will need an understanding of the Scout Association Policy Organisation and Rules (POR).

To understand more on the Scouting Permit Scheme Permit-Guide-V4.0 .This document also provides guidance to County Activity Assessors to ensure there is consistency when giving advice on good practise and completing assessments.

This document relates solely to Canoeing and Kayaking. (thanks to Surrey Scout Water Activities Club for permission)


Across the County we now have the following Permit holders:-

  • 26 Canoe
  • 48 Kayaking
  • 21 Narrow Boating
  • 31 Raft
  • 6 Dinghy Sailing
  • 3 Bell Boat
  • 2 Keel Boating
  • 2 Yachting
  • 6 Power Boating
  • 1 Pulling

However we don’t have ANY of the following activities with a Permit Holder

  • Dragon Boat
  • Hover Craft
  • Motor Cruiser
  • Jet Ski
  • Rowing and Skulling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Water Skiing
  • White Water Rafting